Iā€™m not an incredibly accomplished player, but you can peep my stats using any number of Clash Royale tools. My player id is #GP8PPC. šŸ‘€

I actually streamed quite a bit of Clash Royale on Mobcrush, a dedicated, mobile gaming streaming platform, before it imploded. You can see those old vods with this link. šŸ‘‰

At the peak of Clash Royale hype, I wrote a contributing article for MoEsport which gave a recap of the Tournaments update. You can read that old article with this link. šŸ‘‰

Clash Archive

Before making a separate Twitter account solely dedicated to Clash, I used to tweet from my personal account. You can see those old tweets with this link. šŸ‘‰

I have been playing Clash Royale since its first day of soft launch on January 4, 2016. In addition to playing, I like to critically analyze pro-level, esports gameplay.

I am excited for Clash Royale big push into esports with 2018ā€™s Clash Royale League. I would like to contribute to the community and the experience in some meaningful way during the CRL.